Our staff of EDgevisors are state certified and have teaching experience in various platforms including teaching and mentoring  students virtually. As well, many have advanced degrees in their field and are considered "subject experts". You can be assured that we thoroughly screen our EDgevisors and have them go through  a rigorous process ,in order to prove they can  be a perfect fit to Edgevising. 

 What is EDgevising?

EDgevising is a concept created through years of experience in the education field. It means we value to whole person, not just the student. It means we know their goals and aspirations as well as what day their big tournament is or when they are not feeling well. It essentially means mentoring first; teaching second. We have seen time and time again how mentoring a child can inspire them to perform better in school and in their lives. We want to capture this in all of our services so our students leave feeling welcomed, comfortable and excited about meeting with their EDgevisors daily. 

 Why are we different?

We differ from other virtual schools in that we put our efforts in creating bonds with students to get them to perform their best in their course or in school entirely. We assist them in attaining better grades, but more importantly, we assist them in attaining their "life" goals and putting together a plan with parents, student and EDgevisors. We focus on being relevant during our sessions so students feel a purpose in coming to our sessions. In other words, we love our students and consider them like family, always.